[b-hebrew] Genesis 22 fragment: "my son"?

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Thu Mar 18 13:44:48 EST 2004

If it's a fragment of Genesis then it should indeed have the second person 
suffix.  That's why Peter (I think it was, but it may have been Stephen) 
suggested that it's a paraphrase rather than a direct quote.  I'm inclined to 

On Thursday 18 March 2004 11:40, Tony Costa wrote:
> Dave Washburn makes a good point here. The yod is clearly visible and
> disticnt from the vav/waw in "ben'. I was wondering is this the opening of
> Gen 22 where God commands Abraham to take Isaac and offer him up? If so,
> would it not be odd to have the word son attached with a 3rd person masc
> sing pronomial suffix? Would it not be a 2nd person masc sing pronomial
> suffix using a final 'caph'? Moreover the verb "to take" would be in the
> imperative would it not?
> Tony Costa
> > I would hope the reading has been questioned!  Looking at the line above
> it,
> > there's a clear distinction between the yod there in )LHYM and the key
> letter
> > at the end of the word BN.  The yod's size is quite distinctive, and I
> don't
> > see how anybody could read the letter in the next line as anything but a
> vav,
> > i.e. "his son."
> >
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