[b-hebrew] Genesis 22 fragment: "my son"?

Tony Costa tmcos at rogers.com
Thu Mar 18 13:40:27 EST 2004

Dave Washburn makes a good point here. The yod is clearly visible and
disticnt from the vav/waw in "ben'. I was wondering is this the opening of
Gen 22 where God commands Abraham to take Isaac and offer him up? If so,
would it not be odd to have the word son attached with a 3rd person masc
sing pronomial suffix? Would it not be a 2nd person masc sing pronomial
suffix using a final 'caph'? Moreover the verb "to take" would be in the
imperative would it not?

Tony Costa

> I would hope the reading has been questioned!  Looking at the line above
> there's a clear distinction between the yod there in )LHYM and the key
> at the end of the word BN.  The yod's size is quite distinctive, and I
> see how anybody could read the letter in the next line as anything but a
> i.e. "his son."
> -- 
> Dave Washburn

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