[b-hebrew] Joash Inscription, a blatant forgery?

CS Bartholomew jacksonpollock at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 17 14:54:01 EST 2004

On 3/17/04 11:05 AM, "Peter Kirk" <peterkirk at qaya.org> wrote:

 > ... surprisingly good
> preservation of an ancient text is a poor argument, according to which
> you would have to classify such important finds as the Mesha inscription
> (Moabite Stone), the Rosetta Stone and the Qumran Isaiah scroll as
> forgeries, for they are all easily read by the naked eye.

The Rosetta Stone, which I have transcribed portions of from a full size
facsimile, isn't nearly as perfect as this stone. It has dings and dents and
numerous minor imperfections. I have worked with other Greek inscriptions
(2nd and 3rd cent. AD) which are very well preserved and their authenticity
isn't suspect. 

This stone is broken and cracked but the inscription is remarkable undamaged
for all the abuse the stone seems to have suffered. Taken alone this isn't
conclusive evidence but it does make one wonder.

Clay Bartholomew 

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