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Only in context with the following 
paragraphs. In other words, don’t 
take it out of context.

Karl W. Randolph.

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>   Excuse me, but does this belong in  this list?
>   Uri
> age.Karl Randolph <kwrandolph at email.com> wrote,intere alia, 
> To use an 18th century metaphor, the 
> creation of a watch uses different 
> principles (laws of physics) than the 
> operation thereof. The picture that the 
> Bible gives is that when God created the 
> universe, he did something different than 
> what we see going on today. Then after the 
> creation, God acted into creation only to 
> communicate with mankind and to make some 
> actions to advance his goals, in a similar 
> manner as a watch maker, after he has made 
> a watch, touches it only to wind the spring 
> and occasionally to make an adjustment for 
> more accurate operation. Likewise, God’s 
> actions into history are rare. Where there 
> is an alleged action from God into history, 
> the answer to its veracity will be found 
> not in science, but in historical analysis.
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