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In particular, I refer to their 
presupposition that all knowledge is either 
scientific, or “nonsense” (which they 
defined in various ways). The problem with 
this presupposition is that there are 
different types of knowledge. The rules 
regarding historical evidence are different 
from those governing scientific evidence. 
Does that make a study of history 
“nonsense”? Even they recognized that 
history is not nonsense, but in their 
effort to assert the validity of historical 
studies, they went by the proposition that 
the present is the key to the past, i.e. 
the present day phenomena and processes 
that can be observed and repeatedly so, 
hence scientific, are the only ones that 
have acted throughout the history of the 
universe (not scientific). “Scientific 
cosmology” is an oxymoran.

While I have no inclination to attempt to support Logical Positivism (It 
ultimately failed due to the fact that it became evident that their own position 
rested upon non-empirical positions), I would not fault them for taking a 
position that the present is governed by the same principles as the past.  Are you 
maintaining that up to a certain point (say, the end of the Biblical period) 
one set of laws governed reality but since then a different set of laws is in 
force?  While this is not the place to discuss philosophy, you did bring up the 
subject so I can hardly ignore the elephant in the room.  Bringing it back to 
a question of religion, though unfortunately not Hebrew language, this is 
hardly a view that God is faithful.  I think you need to rethink this or explain 
yourself better.


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