[b-hebrew] Psa 107:19-21 (was WAYYIQTOL) -- CORRECTION

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Mar 15 06:50:21 EST 2004

On 14/03/2004 23:13, Karl Randolph wrote:

>This was a question that I never expected 
>to ask. I had been taught in class that the 
>Masoritic points preserved the original 
>pronunciation. I didn’t question my prof, 
>not even years later.
>But if Rolf is correct, even some of the 
>pronunciations that we thought we knew from 
>the Masoretes are wrong.
I think you are misunderstanding Rolf. Even he has stepped back from the 
position of claiming that the Masoretes invented the pronunciation 

Or is your point that we don't know exactly how the Masoretic pointing 
should be pronounced? This is generally agreed, and is not specific to Rolf.

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