[b-hebrew] The Hebrew of the Jehoash Inscription

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Sun Mar 14 23:49:20 EST 2004

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> Karl Randolph wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a URL to a picture of 
> > the stone? Preferably one that's sharp 
> > enough to read?
> Here it is:
> http://www.orientalisti.net/ioash.htm
> Giuseppe Regalzi
> regalzi at tiscali.it

Thank you.

Yes it is in the fourth line, where 
grammatically it is possible to find an 
infinitive verb, there is written LB)$. 
That’s a real stinker, it makes no sense. 
Another possibility is a missing dot 
between two words, so it could have been 
written LB )$, but a heart of fire doesn’t 
make sense either. Maybe the forger thought 
that medial yods were not found that early, 
but they are, and I off the cuff don’t 
remember a single instance in Biblical 
Hebrew where man )Y$ is written without the 
medial yod.

The following phrase, “in the land and in 
the wilderness” does not sound Biblical. A 
wilderness is a land, therefore if a 
specific land is meant, as in this phrase, 
the land’s name is usually appended.

These are what I noticed first.

Thus when I read that chemical analysis 
indicated that the inscription is a fraud

Thanks again.

Karl W. Randolph.
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