[b-hebrew] Psa 107:19-21 (was WAYYIQTOL)

Charles David Isbell cisbell at cox.net
Sun Mar 14 23:15:20 EST 2004

Karl notes: "I don't think disagreeing with the Masoretes equals beating up
on them."

Neither do I, as I indicated in my earlier note. But your claim has been
that you never read a pointed text, if I have read you correctly. And I take
that to mean that you have no reason to believe anything good can be found
there. If I misjudged, I apologize. But reading the points and reading the
versions more often than not is a help rather than a hindrance to me. I read
[actually chant] publicly an unpointed Torah portion every week at the small
synagogue where I serve as Rabbi. I always prep myself [as per rabbinic
custom], using a pointed MT, and I always read publicly the MT pointing.
When I think it appropriate, I discuss with the congregation the
difficulties I see and try to suggest alternative possibilities. So while I
am certainly not unfamiliar with an unpointed text, I have to say that I
find the Massoretes quite plausible far more often than not. And when I add
the places where they themselves noted difficulties, I have to grade them
A+. My only question for you was why you are so adamant about never using a
pointed text.

I need say no more. BST WSHS T 'LL.

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