[b-hebrew] Psa 107:19-21 (was WAYYIQTOL)

Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Sun Mar 14 22:11:08 EST 2004

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From: "Charles David Isbell" <cisbell at cox.net>

> Nor do I understand the beating you and Karl give the poor Massoretes.
> Charles

Dear Charles:


I don’t think disagreeing with the 
Masoretes equals beating up on them. As for 
my personal opinion, I think they did a 
bang up job with the materials that they 
had. Where I disagree with them, it is 
where I think the traditions for 
pronunciations no longer reflect the 
original pronunciation of Biblical Hebew 
and/or the specific maaning of a passage. 
These traditions predate the Masoretes by 
centuries, some close to a millennium.

Don’t blame the Masoretes for faithfully 
recording something that was not of their 

Karl W. Randolph.
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