[b-hebrew] Psa 107:19-21 (was WAYYIQTOL)

B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
Sat Mar 13 13:10:46 EST 2004

Dear Rolf, Let me rephrase quickly while I may actually catch you on-line:

Would you grant that there is a pragmatic constraint within the text itself,
the meaning of the text (read: not in liturgy or oral tradition) behind the
Masoretic distinction between wayyiqtol and weyiqtol?


> >
> >Rolf, You seem to be accepting a difference between wayyiqtol and
> >after all, if not a semantic difference, a pragmatic difference, that is,
> >least most of the time, *rightly coded by Masoretic pointing*.  I am
> >understanding you correctly?
> I use WAYYIQTOL  and WEYIQTOL  only in a graphic sense and neither in
> a semantic or even a pragmatic sense.  In my view they represent
> exactly the same form, but the Masoretes pointed some WAW+YIQTOLs
> that were used in one way as WAYYIQTOL and others used in another way
> as WEYIQTOLs.  In my view there are just two hebrew conjugations.
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> >Thanks again, Bryan
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> Best regards
> Rolf
> Rolf Furuli
> University of Oslo
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