[b-hebrew] Psa 107:19-21 (was WAYYIQTOL)

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Fri Mar 12 12:57:50 EST 2004

Dear Rolf, couldn't you simply explain, from your view, how to read this
brief passage?

Thanks, Bryan

you wrote:

> Dear Bryan and others,
> Those really interested in the Hebrew conjugations and the basis for
> Masoretic pointing should analyze all the 43 verses of this Psalm and
> compare them with modern Bible translations. Regardless of which
> temporal reference one applies to the different parts of this Psalm,
> it is impossible to get a coherent picture, if the traditional view
> is presumed - that WAYYIQTOL and WEQATAL are different conjugations
> compared with YIQTOL and QATAL.
> Best regards
> Rolf
> Rolf Furuli
> University of Oslo
> >B-Haveray,
> >
> >I have a little passage here that may relate to our discussion of whether
> >wayyiqtol and weyiqtol are distinct.  I would be interested in your
> >about the use/meaning of the verb
> >forms and syntax in this passage, shown translated below in the JPS
> >
> >Psalm 107:19 In their adversity they cried (wayyiqtol) to the LORD and He
> >saved (X-yiqtol) them from their troubles. 20 He gave (yiqtol) an order
> >healed (weyiqtol) them; He delivered (weyiqtol) them from the pits. 21
> >them praise (clause-initial yiqtol) the LORD for His steadfast love
> >
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