[b-hebrew] Reading hebrew characters on your computer without hebrew fonts installed on your computer

Trevor Peterson 06peterson at cua.edu
Fri Mar 12 05:37:57 EST 2004

Philip Engmann wrote:
> Dear b-hebraists,
> Hebrew characters are not allowed on this list because the Hebrew
> characters usually cannot be read by others on this list who do not have
> the same hebrew fonts on their computers that the writer has.
> There is a way to read Hebrew characters on one's computer even if one
> does not have the Hebrew font's that the writer used.
> Is this worth considering? 

It is, and it has been considered in the past, and it has been judged 
not to be universal enough to implement for the list just yet. If you 
search the list archives for "Unicode," I'm sure you'll find previous 
discussions about this very issue. Personally, I do think it is 
widespread enough to begin using it in tandem with transliteration. This 
is, in fact, what I do on the Aramaic list. Part of the problem, though, 
is even if many newer computers come equipped to handle Unicode, whether 
the user knows what it is or not, there are still a lot of people using 
older systems, and some of the intermediate resources still need to be 
upgraded. (For instance, Yahoo Groups will transmit e-mail containing 
Unicode well enough, but the Web interface does not display them 
properly. So anyone viewing messages on the Web site will not be able to 
read whatever is written in Unicode.) For these reasons, it has not 
superseded transliteration.

Trevor Peterson

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