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> What is the evidence that the Birah is only Seleucid?

I was talking about the "Akra". It does not appear in any of the quite
detailed descriptions of Jerusalem in Ezrah-Nehemiah. The Ptolemys didn't
seem to do much in Jerusalem. The changes began when the city became
hellenized in the second century.
I don't think that we can automatically assume that "Birah" is the same
place as "Akra", even if their function was similar.

> KNoppers and Japhet both date Chronicles to the
> Hellenistic period.

Japhet's words are: "I would place it at near the end of the Persian or,
more probably, the beginning of the Hellenistic period" (1993, 27-28), but
this after several pages of telling us that there are no Greek influences of
the book. Even if it was written some years after 333 BCE, it reflercts the
social and other realities of the late Persian Period


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