[b-hebrew] Evil Impulses of the Heart

CS Bartholomew jacksonpollock at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 11 11:48:52 EST 2004

On 3/11/04 3:10 AM, "Søren Holst" <sh at teol.ku.dk> wrote:

> That would be the "yetzer ha-ra", I assume; yod-tsade-resh as in Gen 6,5 and
> 8,21, which is probably where the expression originates, although the
> technical term seems to be first found in Mishna Abot 2,11 and Tosefta Baba
> Qama 9,31.
> (this is just concordance work - some of the jewish list members are bound to
> have preciser info)


More concordance work, take a look at Mishna Berakot 9:5.

Clay Bartholomew 

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