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Dear Rolf

I will be so glad to hear you speaking about that topic at the MICAH in november this year!

When will your thesis be out?

Best regards


> As to WAYYIQTOL,  there is no evidence for its existence before the
> 5th century C.E. There is no distinction between WAYYIQTOL  and
> WEYIQTOL (the conjunction WAW+YIQTOL) at Qumran, and there is no
> distinction between the two in the transcriptions in the second
> column of Origen's Hexapla. I argue in my coning thesis that there is
> strong evidence that the Masoretes was the inventors of the
> distinction between WEYIQTOL and WAYYIQTOL, although the meaning the
> Masoretes ascribed to WAYYIQTOL  was different from the meaning
> ascribed to it from David Kimhi onward. If this is true, it means
> that the concept WAYYIQTOL  only is a fiction, a misunderstanding
> based un a wrong interpretation of of Masoretic pointing. Thus the
> WAYYIQTOL form could not be lost at any given point of time, because
> it has never existed as an independent semantic unit!

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