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> The "Akra" in Jerusalem was apparently built during the Selucid period,
> is, post-200 BCE. The "Birah" of Nehemiah and of Chronicles refers to the
> administrative center, very likely fortified, during the Persian period.
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> Yigal Levin

Perhaps a supporting point to Yigal's comment here is the evolution of the
dual form of the word "Jerusalem" -- that is, the shift from /Y:ru$alem/ to
/Y:ru$alayim/. It was late enough not to affect the traditional spelling of
Jerusalem. And we can detect the shift away from a singular form with the
Septuagintal shift from singular /Ierousalem/ to plural /Hierosolyma/. The
spread of evidence, especially from the Septuagint, suggests that Jerusalem
became a 'dual entity' in the 2nd century BC. My hunch is that in the 2nd
century BC, Jerusalem was composed of Jerusalem residential and Jerusalem

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