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On 09/03/2004 16:00, Karl Randolph wrote:

>Another evidence of fossil use of the language 
>is the fossilization of spelling during a time 
>of pronunciation shift. The pronunciations 
>preserved by the Masorites were not the same 
>as those spoken even at the end of the Galut 
>Babel. (Frozen spellings are fairly rare in 
>living languages, ...

And there are no frozen spellings in Hebrew in the period in question. 
Note for example the rise of the use of alef as a vowel letter, almost 
unknown in the Hebrew Bible (apart from the Aramaic sections) but common 
in the DSS I understand. Note also the increasing use of vav and yod as 
vowel letters (already partly seen in Chronicles, relative to parallel 
passages in Samuel and Kings) - the result being that long vowels were 
almost always marked (as in Arabic, but not a sign of Arabic influence 
of course). Good evidence that there was a living language.

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