[b-hebrew] Solomon's palace in 1 Kings 7:1-8

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Dear Chemorion Chosefu:

I would hesitate to claim that BYRH refers to 
a capitol or seat of government: of the four 
times it is used apart from the name $W$N, 
twice it is used for Solomon’s as of yet 
unbuilt temple (1 Chronicles 29:1,19) and once 
for a structure in Jerusalem when Jerusalem 
was a minor governor’s city in the Persian 
Empire (Nehemiah 7:2). That is unless we read 
the temple as being the seat of God’s 
government and even a minor governor has a 
seat of government.

As for HYKL in 2 Chronicles 36:7, I had read 
it as referring to the building that contains 
the large meeting room. But you may be right.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> > BYRH seems to indicate an edifice, a large,
> > imposing building.
> I think this was usually the headquarters of the rulership. In biblical
> terms, Washington DC would be the BYRAH of America just as Shusan in Esther
> 1:5, Nehemiah 2:8,
> > HYKL refers to a large meeting room. By
> > extension, it also refers to the building that
> > houses such a room. It can be in a tent or a
> > building of wood and/or stone.

> Your observation here is very interesting. Traditionally, lexicons have
> understood this term in two senses. It is thought to refer to a house of
> splendour  that is usually associated with kings or a magnificent building
> dedicated to divinities. Basically, the term is usually translated as
> either a Palace or a temple. In many cases, this term is rendered as Temple.
> However, a close examination of how this term is used in 1 Kings 6:3, 5ff,
> reveals that HYKL was a one of the rooms in a bigger complex structure. I
> think you are right. Your explanation could be useful in understanding the
> usage of this term in 2 Chronicles 36:7, where  NIV says "Temple" but CEV
> says "palace". From your explanation I would render HYKL in  2 chroincles
> 36:7 as a "a large room" which was probably used to store the valuables of
> Nebuchadnezzer. I hope I am not too wrong!>
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