[b-hebrew] Question on Genesis 15

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In both chapter 14:13 and in 18:1, Abraham was dwelling in Alonei Mamre,
presumably in or near Hebron. Chapter 14 has him chase the kings and Lot to
"Hobah, which is left [i.e. north] of Damascus" and then returned to Shalem,
where he met Melchizedek. "Shalem" has been traditionally understood as
being Jerusalem, but that's not really important right now.

Assuming that the events are meant to be in chronological order, one would
understand that Abraham was in Hebron at the time. However I would not be
surprised to learn that there is a Jewish tradition that he was still in
Jerusalem, and a Samaritan tradition that he was at Mt. Gerizim. I do know,
by the way, that there is a local Druze tradition that the story occured by
the Hermon, that is "on the road to Damascus" (don't confuse this with
Paul!). I don't know what the origin of this tradition is.

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> Question on Abraham covenant story in GEnesis 15 -
> Where was Abraham when this story takes place?
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