[b-hebrew] Exodus 29:35

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Sun Mar 7 01:19:28 EST 2004

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leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il writes:
Can anyone explain the form ")otakah" ("you") in Ex. 29:35. I would expect
either ")oteka" or ")otak". Is it just to rhyme with "kakah"?

W:(f&iYTf L:)aHa:RoN W.L:BfNfYW C.fCfH C.:CoL )a:$eR_+"W.iYTiY )oTfCfH $iB(aT 
YfMiYM T.:MaL.") YfDfM

This appears different from the normal 2 ms pron because it is not simply the 
2 ms pron.  It is the sign of the direct obj + 2 ms pron suff.


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