[b-hebrew] Fw: Aramaic to them?

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Sat Mar 6 08:02:52 EST 2004

Hi Peter,

I would be interested to know what references you (or others) use as the
basis for the view expressed below (Morag? Kutscher?). My understanding is
that the question is very much in dispute, but if someone has made a very
strong case, I want to make sure I include it in my dissertation.

Ken Penner, McMaster/DSS
Dead Sea Scrolls scholars' list owner,

> The graduation 
> classical BH - late BH - DSS Hebrew - Mishnaic Hebrew shows 
> the kind of gradual grammatical changes, e.g. in the verb system e.g. 
> gradual loss 
> of WAYYIQTOL forms and reanalysis of YIQTOL as future, 
> characteristic of a living language rather than a fossil.

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