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But already in late Biblical Hebrew, in other words, those sections written after the Galut Babel, not only was the Hebrew simpler but it also shows the influence of Aramaic. It went so far as in Esther there is at least one Aramaic loan word. I think that the pronunciation preserved in the MT has more to do with Aramaic than historical B-Hebrew.

But it does influence our understanding of Biblical Hebrew, hence it is on topic for this list, even if only periferally.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> This is not DSS-specific. The DSS are evidence for the change in 
> progress, as is the Mishnah for the end point and late biblical Hebrew 
> for the start point. But the goal of the study is not the DSS but the 
> study of the Hebrew language in itself, and of all writings from the 
> period and region including e.g. the New Testament as well as the DSS.
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