[b-hebrew] Dating the Hebrew Bible

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Fri Mar 5 09:32:15 EST 2004

Mr. Holmyard,

I think Walter means that it refutes arguments of texts composed "solely" in the post-Exilic era.

At least that's how my mind interprets it.

Best Salaams,

Brian Roberts

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From: "Harold R. Holmyard III" <hholmyard at ont.com>
Date: Thursday, March 4, 2004 10:39 pm
Subject: Re: [b-hebrew] Dating the Hebrew Bible

> Dear Walter,
> You wrote:
> >Some on this list might have an interest in the following soon to be
> >released book which refutes arguments of text composed in the 
> Post-
> >Exilic Era (Persian-Hellenistic).
> HH: What do you mean by saying that it "refutes arguments of text 
> composedin the Post-Exilic era"? One way to read that sentence is 
> that he is saying
> there was no text composed in the Post-Exilic era. I hope he does 
> not mean
> that.
>                        	Yours,
>                        	Harold Holmyard
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