[b-hebrew] Re: stuma in Deut 5,21

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at keyaccess.nl
Wed Mar 3 05:25:01 EST 2004

Shalom Michael,
I agree with you that there are ten words to be found in these texts.  
as I wrote before, the division of the text into ten words offers some 
and there are different delimitations of these "ten words" (how should 
the first
two "words" be divided?). Moreover, there is at least one tradition of 
accentuation that delimits _nine_ units in these texts, by reading the 
first two
"words" as one word. This problem might be solved by means of petuchot
and setumot, (an extra division in the final "word"), but it is not  in 
line with
the accentuation system.

Kol tuv,
Raymond de Hoop

Op 3 mrt 2004 om 2:57 heeft Michael Millier het volgende geschreven:

> Therefore any stabs at
> *nine* (by you or anyone else) are inorganic to the
> text(s) of the Torah.

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