[b-hebrew] Infinitive Construct for Pual

Trevor Peterson 06peterson at cua.edu
Tue Mar 2 19:57:13 EST 2004

Robert B. Compton wrote:
> What is the conventional wisdom regarding the form of the infinitive
> construct for the Pual in the strong verb? A number of grammars indicate
> that the infinitive construct is not attested for the Pual in the strong
> verb (e.g., Gesenius, Hebrew Grammar, sec. 52r). Allen Ross, Introducing
> Hebrew Grammar, on the other hand, lists two different forms. On p. 201,
> he indicates that the infinitive construct would be identical to the
> infinitive absolute, having a long "o" stem/theme vowel. On p. 545, Ross
> lists a different form for the infinitive construct, one with a short
> "a" stem/theme vowel. I assume the forms Ross lists are hypothetical.
> Are either of his suggestions adopted by others?

Jouon (par 56.b) makes it quttal, identical with the pft, presumably on
the analogy that other infinitives construct can be derived from the
impft form without prefix or suffix.

Trevor Peterson

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