[b-hebrew] Re: stuma in Deut 5,21

Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Tue Mar 2 17:06:56 EST 2004


Didn’t I reference those verses? I’m sorry, I 
thought I had.

What I noticed is that those verses mention 
the ten statements of the covenant, not ten 
commands. As a legal document, the covenant 
has its first statement identifying the 
parties to it. Then I read this particular 
legal document as having nine commands 
following its introductory statement.

I met some Orthodox Jews who divided the ten 
statements even as I just mentioned, and I 
made the supposition that all Jews so divided 

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: Deborah Millier <deborahmillier at yahoo.com>

> Karl Randolph wrote:
> > Do I read your response correctly that Jews, 
> > too, look for ten commandments in Exodus 20?
> > 
> > I find this interesting, as I thought that 
> > only Christians were looking for ten 
> > commandments, because no where in Torah is 
> > there any indication that there should be ten 
> > commands.
> Karl, please check out Ex. 34:28; Deu. 4:13; 10:4. 
> It's in the Torah.
> Shalom,
> -- Michael Millier
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