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Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Tue Mar 2 16:38:33 EST 2004

Trevor wrote: "After reading only the latter piece from the Web, I think I
have a 
general idea of what he's getting at. (Let me know if there's something 
in the TT&R article that significantly alters the picture.) "

The TT&R article is more expansive. The headings for Overland's strategies
for ALA, derived from SLA are:
Computer-assisted Vocalization Tutorial (see his website),
Conversation Handbook (see his website),
Biography Dialogs,
Ventriloquist Doll as Dialog Partner,
Visual Aids,
Correlation between Tools and Textbook.

Overland includes an evaluation of the "Communicative Hebrew Experiment,"
and recommendations for future development.

As you might guess, the TT&R article is much more substantial.

To be honest, my first question is not whether this method is effective, but
which textbook I should choose to complement it. I haven't been reading each
new introductory textbook published since 1997 (and I know there are
several), so I would be glad to hear reviews from the perspective of the
communicative approach. My initial inclination is actually to assign a very
traditional textbook, to meet the needs of those who learn better that way.

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