[b-hebrew] Does the Dead Sea Scroll, 4QDeut q, match the LXX Quotation of Deuteronomy 32:43?

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Mar 1 07:12:13 EST 2004

On 29/02/2004 22:40, Dave Washburn wrote:

>According to P.W. Skehan, "A Fragment of the 'Song of Moses' (Deut 32) from 
>Qumran" in BASOR 136 (1954) p. 12-15, v. 43 reads as follows:
>hrnynw $mym `mw
>wh$txww lw kl 'lhym
>ky dm bnyw yqwm
>wnqm y$yb lcryw
>wlmsn'yw y$lm
>wykpr 'dmt `mw
>Unfortunately, in the photocopy of the article that I have the photo came out 
>as a blob, so I can't verify any of the readings from it.  Skehan's note says 
>in part on v.43, "bnyw, with LXX, as against MT `bdyw.  The language of 
>verses 5 (LLX) [sic], 19, 20, seems decisive in favor of the former."  I'm 
>not sure what the BHS note is trying to say.

I suspect one of two things:

(a) the kl 'lhym part of the above is a doubtful reconstruction and the 
text may be bny 'l

or (b) there are other DSS fragments which read bny 'l here.

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