[b-hebrew] Is the yod in "Yisrael" a Hebrew vowel letter?

Pere Casanellas pere.casanellas at btlink.net
Mon Mar 1 04:35:14 EST 2004

According to the Grammar of Joüon translated by Muraoka (par. 26.2), 
"Word-initial yod + hireq, properly 'yi', seems to have been pronounced 
simply as 'i', at least in certain schools, an so in Contemporary Israeli 
Hebrew." See the name Yishay written with initial aleph instead of yod in 
1Cr 2,13. This grammar also quotes Quimhi.

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At 16:06 28/02/2004 -0500, David P Donnelly wrote:

>Is the yod in "Yisrael"
>a Hebrew vowel letter?
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