[b-hebrew] Does the Dead Sea Scroll, 4QDeut q, match the LXX Quotation of Deuteronomy 32:43?

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Mon Mar 1 01:40:11 EST 2004

According to P.W. Skehan, "A Fragment of the 'Song of Moses' (Deut 32) from 
Qumran" in BASOR 136 (1954) p. 12-15, v. 43 reads as follows:

hrnynw $mym `mw
wh$txww lw kl 'lhym
ky dm bnyw yqwm
wnqm y$yb lcryw
wlmsn'yw y$lm
wykpr 'dmt `mw

Unfortunately, in the photocopy of the article that I have the photo came out 
as a blob, so I can't verify any of the readings from it.  Skehan's note says 
in part on v.43, "bnyw, with LXX, as against MT `bdyw.  The language of 
verses 5 (LLX) [sic], 19, 20, seems decisive in favor of the former."  I'm 
not sure what the BHS note is trying to say.

On Sunday 29 February 2004 18:37, Philip Engmann wrote:
> 1. According to Rick Grant Jones,[1] the Dead Sea Scroll 4QDeut q
> contains a clause similar to that present in the LXX:  "Rejoice, O
> heavens, together with him; and bow down to him all you gods, for he
> will avenge the blood of his sons ..."
> 2. According to the BHS, the Dead Sea Scroll 4QDeut q offers
> alternatives, 'whshthww lo (cl) elohim' or[2] 'bny xl'. Does this mean
> that 4QDeut q is unclear as to the text it contains for Deut 32:43?
> 3. Majority of commentators state that the 4QDeut q text matches the
> LXX. Perhaps Peter's comments below are more accurate than the majority
> of commentators on this verse.
> Philip Engmann
> ...As the BHS margin cannot supply the full DSS Hebrew text but offers
> alternatives, that seems to suggest that the DSS text is fragmentary,
> indicating that there is some text here which is not in MT but giving no
> detailed support for the LXX reading...

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