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There is no evidence that this is a compound noun to refer to a day. For one, the word “day” is missing. Secondly, there are other places where nouns listing different objects are placed side by side without it being either a genetive case nor having a waw separating the nouns. Thus, there is no reason not to say that this refers to 2300 evenings and mornings, 1150 of each, or 1150 days.

Doing a little bit of arithmatic, 1150 days comes to 38 1/3 months at 30 days / month. Usually leap months occur once every three years, but rarely years with leap months are separated by one year. If the time of Antiochus’ desecration of the temple was during one such rare period, with a leap month the first and third years, the 1150 days comes out exactly to the day as recorded in Maccabbees.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Dear Peter:
> The problem I have with Bible interpreters, generally, is that most of us 
> attempt to decide what the meaning of a text is before we perform the 
> research on the passage and its context. For me the discovery always begins 
> with the text. An exegesis of the text and its understanding certainly would 
> clarify most issues. On the other hand, beginning with a supposed meaning 
> before exegesis always leads to misinterpretation, with the forcing of our 
> ideas on the text.
> The problems remains for me: is EREB-BOQUER a compound word, a nominal 
> phrase that has an unitarian meaning (a 24 hour period), or an expression 
> similar to the descriptions of the days in the book of Genesis: V IHI EREB V 
> IHI BOQUER (Gen 1:5). As I know that EREB-BOQUER is a hapax I incline to 
> believe that it is at least a compound word or a nominal phrase with an 
> unitarian meaning.
> What do you think?
> Regards,
> Eduard
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