[b-hebrew] DWD or DWYD, YHDH or YHWDH

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    Other interresting extra-biblical evidence bearing direrctly on this can be found in   the many seal impressions (bullae) from the time of the Persian rule. Judea was then a province or satrapy  whose name was written in Hebrew letters as either YHD, without the Waw or YHWD,with the Waw!
    An earlier inscriptional mention occurs in Arad ostracon no.40, where the name appears with a Waw: "....MLK YHWD[H]...". This is dated to shortly before the end of the Judean kingdom.

Patrina <patrina at bestmail.us> wrote:
Dear Yigdal

Hezekiah's seals were featured in Biblical Archaeology Review
Volume 28, Number 4, July/August 2002, Pp 42-51, 60 and can be found in
a web article at:


There are several pics of the seals there, all showing a spelling of
YHDH in paleo-hebrew between the wingtips of the scarab. If the verbal
root originally included a waw as suggested by HH, it would seem strange
to have dropped out during the time of Hezekiah extra-biblically, or to
have been spelled with a mater in the formal anals of his reign (and
priestly records such as the biblical texts) but not on official seals?

I've been thinking about the spelling issue for quite a while, because
it impacts on dating of all the texts containing the word YHWDH. 

Patrina Nuske Small
Adelaide, South Australia

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