[b-hebrew] Re: Aktionsart and Aspect

Eduard C Hanganu eddhanganu at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 26 19:46:50 EDT 2004

Hello to all!

Could someone, please, make a summary as complete as possible of the notions 
of Aktionsart and aspect? I have collected about 60 pages from different 
sources (including this forum) but they seem very confusing to me, and I 
don't seem to get to the bottom of it. Are these two notions different and 
separated? How do they relate to each other? How about perfect/imperfect, 
telic/atelic, bound/unbound and progressive/nonprogressive? Where do these 
notions fit? Are they part of Aktionsart or Aspect? And how does go about a 
verb analysis considering all these notions? Is there an order of priority 
in the analysis of these features or characteristics?

If there are also some reference books I could read in order to clarify 
these issues, please mention them to me!

Thank you!


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