[b-hebrew] EREB-BOKER in Daniel 8:14

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Dear Ben:

Thanks for your answer. From what you wrote to me I understand that there 
seems to be a lot of confusion concerning the meaning of the Hebrew phrase 
"EREB-BOKER" and its interpretation. Personally I am only interested in the 
meaning of the phrase in the context of Daniel 8 and I don't care about any 
interpretation cults make up for the phrase. As a linguist ( I have a BA and 
Ma in linguistics, but my knowledge of Hebrew is basic to intermediary only) 
I believe that the meaning of a word is provided by its immediate context, 
because the Bible explains itself. I was hoping that the more experienced 
members of the "b-hebrew" forum would be able to shed more light on the 
phrase than I personally could by using the BDB or other Hebrew language 
dictionaries. I guess I will have to continue looking for the clues to the 
meaning of the phrase "EREB-BOKER" in the context of Daniel 8 and find out 
what what are  the lingustic decoders provided by the the semantic unit that 
contains the phrase ( Daniel 8:9-14.)

Thanks for your help!


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Subject: Re: [b-hebrew] EREB-BOKER in Daniel 8:14
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 22:37:49 +0100

On Sat 26 Jun 2004 (08:34:48), eddhanganu at hotmail.com wrote:
 > But what would then be the meaning of EREB-BOQUER in Daniel 8:14 and
 > what  historical events could be alluded to in Daniel 8:9-14 concerning
 > the taking  away of the TAMID?

  EREB BOQER means "24 hours"; or "a night" as opposed to "a day" (Genesis
  1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31). The EREB-BOQERs are the separators between one 
  and the next day.

  When it comes to the meaning in the prophecy of Daniel, this is where the
  cultists run riot (e.g. Seventh-day Adventists). So it is not permitted on
  b-hebrew. Conservative commentators, who believe that Daniel was a prophet
  during the Exile in Babylon, make the start for the 2300 EREB-BOQERs the
  capture of Jerusalem by Alexander the Great in 333 BC. Measuring a day for
  a year, which is the norm in Prophecy (Ezekiel 4:6), takes us conveniently
  to 1967 AD, when Gen Moshe Dayan liberated Jerusalem from Moslem and 
  domination for the first time for 2300 years since Alexander the Great
  conquered it. The Chief Rabbi of the Israeli Army blew the shofar and
  declared the Wailing Wall to be an open-air Synagogue. That was the 
  they could get to "cleansing the Sanctuary" whilst the Dome of the Rock 

  Minimalists who deny the possibility of future prophecy give the standard
  answer which has already been given on this thread: that "Daniel" was 
  during the reign of Antichus Epiphanes to encourage the persecuted Jews.

  Seventh Day Adventists follow the writings of William Miller, who finally
  settled on 1844 as the end of the 2300 EREB-BOQERs. Christ did not appear 
  they expected; so they now hold that 1844 is the year when Christ entered 
  Heavenly Sanctuary to begin his "Investigative Judgment" of believers.

  2300 years is a "sanctuary cycle": that is, after 2300 solar years the sun
  and moon are back together in the same places again in the sky. 1260 years
  is also a Sanctuary Cycle, and 1260 Days (for years) is a period often
  found in Prophecy. The difference between 1260 and 2300, 1040, is also an
  accurate Sanctuary Cycle. The Numerologists make much of this, of course!

  Just thought you'd be interested...


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