[b-hebrew] Re: EREB-BOKER in Daniel 8:14

Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Fri Jun 25 14:18:55 EDT 2004

Dear Eduard:

I have a bad habit, that of browsing in bookstores, libraries and now on line, finding what I think are bits of unimportant but interesting (to me) trivia but forgetting the sources where I found them. Later, when I find that the bit a trivia is more than just an intellectual tickle, I am no longer able to give credit where credit is due.

However, when doing a googlewhack for "Antiochus Epiphanes" temple desecration Jerusalem  I found that there are many people who have made the same connection.

Sorry, I can’t help you more. If I find it again, I’ll get back to you.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Dear Karl:
> Could you please mention the study you referred to concerning the time 
> calculation of the desecration of the temple? I would be very interested to 
> read it, too.
> Regards,
> Eduard
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> Dear Eduard:
> As gfsomsel wrote, this is connected with the time of “the desecration of 
> the temple by
> Antiochus Epiphanes” as recorded in Maccabbees.
> Notice, unlike Genesis 1, this does not say days, rather evening mornings, 
> one for each missed sacrafice. According to a study I read recently, if one 
> includes leap months used to make the calendar match the solar cycle, the 
> time comes to the exact time of the desecration of the temple, to the day.
> Karl W. Randolph.
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> From: "Eduard C Hanganu" <eddhanganu at hotmail.com>
>  >
>  > Hello to all!
>  >
>  > What would be the best translation of EREB-BOKER in Daniel 8:14? Is the 
> text
>  > making a reference to chronological days, or to the sanctuary ritual days 
> or
>  > TAMID ?
>  >
>  > Regards,
>  >
>  > Eduard
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