[b-hebrew] O'Connor-Length of Poetic Lines

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Thu Jun 24 12:54:31 EDT 2004

On Thursday 24 June 2004 09:55, Medina, Vincent wrote:
> I was wondering if any listers had strong opinions one way or another
> about M. O'Connor's, "Hebrew Verse Structure." What do you think of his
> line constraints? If you find them unacceptable, what system do you use
> for determining line length?

Poetry really isn't my "thing," I tend to restrict my research to prose 
grammar, but having glanced at his ideas as opposed to others that are out 
there (I don't have the details at hand at the moment), I have to conclude 
that his views are as likely as any of the others.  The bottom line seems to 
be, we really don't know much of anything about the actual structure of 
poetic lines in BH.  Hence, any carefully studied view may have a good claim 
to being correct, and O'Connor's seems to be at least as, perhaps more, 
carefully studied than some others I've seen.

Again, see the disclaimer at the beginning of that paragraph.

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