[b-hebrew] Shva merahephet

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Thu Jun 24 12:46:05 EDT 2004


Have you read W. R. Garr, "The Seghol and Segholation in Hebrew," Journal of
Near Eastern Studies 48 (1989) 109-116?

On the history of Hebrew stress, see J. Blau, _In Memoriam P. Kahle_, 1968,
33-34 or _A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew_, 30-34.

Segolate nouns form their plural from a different base, with a long A
between the second and third radicals. Because the third radical of plural
segolates was originally preceded by a vowel, it has no dagesh.

I hope I have understood your question correctly.

Ken Penner

> Does anybody know of decent theoretical study on shva 
> merahephet, whether a book, Internet publication, or perhaps 
> a synopsis?
> I mean, lexicological explanation beyond the mere fact that 
> the concept of shva merahephet explains known anomaly?
> Perhaps you would also know when the use of dagesh in 
> segollate (is this the correct word in English?) was first 
> documented? That is, do we have extra-Masoretic spelling with 
> dagesh in lamed?
> By the way, speaking on the earliest documented usage, do you 
> happen to know when suffix hem (haf-mem) first became stressed?

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