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Chris, ToRaH is a feminie singular noun and comes from the root 'yod resh
heh' which carries the meaning of throwing, and hence came to denote
pointing, throwing in the sense of instruction and teaching. Actually, ToRaH
is based on the Hiphil of 'yod resh heh' .  The tav is used because the word
is a feminie singular.
SHeOL is also a feminie singular noun. It does have as its root 'shin aleph
lamed' (To inquire, ask intently, desire), because SHeOL as the underworld
had become a place of inquiry for those of the living. The story of Saul in
1 Sam 28 demonstrates this as he tried to inquire of Samuel in Sheol through
the witch of Endor. See BDB Hebrew-English Lexicon on this on SHeOL.

Tony Costa

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> Dear Sirs,
> 1. Please forgive my ignorance (I do not yet have a specialised book for
> this) but is the hebrew word ToRaH a feminine singular active participle
> from the root 'yod resh heh' . If this is correct can anyone explain how
> 'yod' was replaced with a 'tav'?
> 2. Is SHeOL (shin alef vav lamed) an infinite constuct derived from the
> 'shin aleph lamed' (To inquire, ask intently, desire)?
>  I always apreciate the help so that I can be sure that I am understanding
> things correctly.
> Thanking you.
> Chris.
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