[b-hebrew] Re: Genesis 1:6-7, 8:1, Waters Above and Below

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On 21/06/2004 05:11, Trevor Peterson wrote:

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>>Akkadian: shamu, mu
>>Ugaritic: shamuma, my
>The Akkadian and Ugaritic forms are also plural.
On the Akkadian, this disagrees with BDB, which I quote:

s.v. MAYIM: As. mû, pl. mê, also mâmu

s.v. SHAMAYIM: As. šamû, pl. šamê, šamûtu, also šamâmu

Now I don't take BDB as the top authority on Akkadian (and it doesn't 
mention Ugaritic because it is too old - but it is what I have to hand), 
but it seems to suggest that mû and šamû are regular singular nouns 
which also have plural forms. Have I misunderstood BDB? Or is it wrong?

If I am right, the use of the plural form with singular meaning seems 
restricted to NW Semitic as I originally said, which puts a very 
different complexion on this issue than if it was found also in E Semitic.

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