[b-hebrew] TORAH SHeOL

wattswestmaas wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Mon Jun 21 17:23:51 EDT 2004

Dear Sirs,

1.	Please forgive my ignorance (I do not yet have a specialised book for
this) but is the hebrew word ToRaH a feminine singular active participle
from the root 'yod resh heh' . If this is correct can anyone explain how the
'yod' was replaced with a 'tav'?

2.	Is SHeOL (shin alef vav lamed) an infinite constuct derived from the root
'shin aleph lamed' (To inquire, ask intently, desire)?

 I always apreciate the help so that I can be sure that I am understanding
things correctly.

Thanking you.


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