[b-hebrew] DVD or DVYD?

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Has anyone done a study focusing on the instances of early spellings, 
etc. to get a better idea of how early some of these texts really are?

On Monday, June 21, 2004, at 02:38  AM, Yigal Levin wrote:

> Hi Tony,
> The use of Y as an indicator for the vowel "i" (like most uses of matres
> lectonis) is a fairly late developement in Hebrew. We find none in the 
> Gezer
> Calendar, few in the Mesha inscription or the Tell Dan inscription 
> (yes, I
> know that these are Moabite and Aramaic, but they reflect the same 
> trends),
> more in the Siloam, Ekron and in 7-6 century ostraca, bullae etc.
> The text of most of the Pentateuch and the Deuteronomistic History is 
> also
> 7-6th centuries, so it does use matres lectonis in regular words. But,
> presumably, a name like David already had a standardized spelling from 
> the
> previous period (it's also spelled "defectively" - without the Y - in 
> the
> Tell Dan inscription). However, in the Second Temple period the Y was 
> added
> even in such names - hence the spelling DVYD in Chronicles, Zachariah 
> etc.
> This is also the spelling in later Hebrew - the Mishnah, Talmud, and
> synagogue inscriptions.
> The fact that there is one case of DVYD in Kings is probably because a 
> late
> copyist mistakenly used the spelling that was common in his day. The 
> fact
> that such "pre-exilic" prophetic books like Hosea and Amos also use DVYD
> probably says something about the redaction history of those books (or 
> of
> "The Twelve" as a whole).
> Yigal
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>> Dear Friends, I noticed that there appears to be a variant in the MT 
>> for
> the name David. In some places David is spelled DVD (eg. 2 Sam.7:5;
> Ps.89:21), while in others it is spelled DVYD (eg.1 Chron.15:1-3; 
> Hos.3:5),
> with the yod between the vav (or waw) and daleth. Why the inclusion of 
> the
> yod? Is this a later development as a variant in the name of David? BDB
> (sv.DVD) states that these variants of David can occur together in the 
> same
> text. For instance, while the books of Kings uses DVD, there is an 
> exception
> in 1 Kings 3:14 where DVYD is used. Is this a late development or was it
> simply the case that this name could be spelled both ways. Many thanks.
>> Tony Costa
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