[b-hebrew] Offend/dealt corruptly - chet bet lamed (nehemiah 1:7)

Reinier de Blois r.de.blois at solcon.nl
Mon Jun 21 03:31:46 EDT 2004

Hi Chris,

Hier in Nederland is het spannend, wat het voetbal betreft, tenminste.

I understand your reasoning, but it is a risky business. The linking of
conception to braiding can only be supported if you bring in the noun
xebel "cord". But then, the verb x-b-l also has the meaning of "having
labor-pains", "being in labor" (Sng 8:5; Isa 26:7). So your example from
Psalm 7 may well be linked to that meaning. The translation "conceive"
in Psalm 7:15 is not all that sure. You might as well translate "to be
in labor with evil".

It is better to have a look at the entire semantic picture of x-b-l
first before jumping into conclusions. You may want to go to our

and look up x-b-l there.


Reinier de Blois
United Bible Societies
Editor SDBH

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> Beste Reiner, hoe gaat het in Nederland??
> Thankyou, but I am really trying to get deeper into this root 
> because of the odd places where it is written in tanach and 
> also the fact that words such as 'sorrow' and 'destroy' have 
> much more plainer hebrew variants than this root.  I 
> understand that in hebraic thinking there is an idea of 
> "...entwining, braiding nothingness..." for example psalm 7 
> (the man conceives evil).  Also I am thinking whether or not 
> a subtle idea in translation of  "DISFIGURMENT" could be 
> meant/construed in place of destroy.
> Groetjes, Thankyou  Chris, Ireland.
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