[b-hebrew] Ps. 104:12 - (P)YM

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> Dear Yigal,
> >(P)YM - 'pha'im - in Ps. 104:12, is usually translated "branches".
> >While this seems to fit the context, the word looks to me more like
> >a plural of (oph, "bird". Any comments?
> HH: I don't think that oph, "bird," has a plural, at least in the OT.
> It is a collective word and already means "birds" in the singular.
> Yours,
> Harold Holmyard
You're right. Later Hebrew has (ophot, but not the Bible.

So (oph)aiym, "branches" is Aramaic. What does that say (if anything) about
the origin and date of Ps. 104?


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