[b-hebrew] Philologos Forward column re: Ha'aretz article ("Questioning the Marks")

Joseph I. Lauer josephlauer at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 17 18:42:39 EDT 2004

    The following is posted solely for information purposes.
    In this week's edition of the English language Forward (dated June 18,
2004), "Philologos", the Forward's language columnist, published a column
entitled "Questioning the Marks" in which he discusses the proposed Hebrew
spelling reform recently put forth by Dr. Mordecai Mishor, a member of the
Language Committee of the Hebrew Language Academy.  The proposal was the
subject of a long article by Yemimah Evron in the June 4, 2004 Hebrew
language edition of Ha'aretz.
    The Philologos column's URL is
    The Ha'aretz article's URL is
    The June 11, 2004 "weekend" edition of the Hebrew language Ha'aretz had
a few letters to the editor critical of the proposed vowelization reforms.
Unfortunately, those letters did not have a "permanent" URL and apparently
cannot be accessed on the Internet (although I saved them as a Word
    Joseph I. Lauer
    Brooklyn, New York

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