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”Head“ also refers to leader, as in Exodus 6:14, 25, Numbers 14:4 and many other verses.

I don‘t know of anywhere where ”head“ can mean ”to rely on“.

Isaiah 7:8 is at least semi-poetic, and in a poetic style emphasized that the head (leader) of Aram was Damascus, and the head (leader) of Damascus Rezin, in a context where almighty God is the head (leader) of Judea, therefore Rezin could attack only with the permission of God.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Chemorion" <chosefu_chemorion at wycliffe.org>

> Dear list members,
> Please guide me.
> I  have a problem with the exact meaning of "rosh" in Isaiah 7:8, which says
> "For the head of Aram is Damascus and the head of Damascus is Rezin". Can I
> perhaps say "For Aram relies on Damascuss and Damascuss relies on Rezin"?
> There would be no need for Isaiah to tell Ahaz literally what was so obvious
> to him. Looking at the context, we can see that Isaiah is talking about
> relying on God. In this case he encourages Ahaz (and Judah) to trust in God
> in contrast with Aram which relies on Damascus the capital, which also
> relies on King Rezin (who is merely a mortal man). The same can be said of
> Samaria in the following verse. I therefore suggest that "rosh" in Hebrew
> could also mean "one who is relied on". Can anyone support me?
> Thanks,
> Chemorion D Chosefu.
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