[b-hebrew] Masoretic Text - scribes faithful to the text

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Thu Jun 17 11:39:38 EDT 2004

On 17/06/2004 08:18, Dave Washburn wrote:

> ...
>The Lucianic recension as posited by textual critics was made some time around 
>the 4th century CE by Lucian, an Arian scholar.  While the term is tossed 
>about a lot, there's still no direct evidence for it beyond a couple of 
>oblique comments in some later patristic works ...

Thank you, Dave. But the text I pointed to is taken from a group of real 
MSS which is direct evidence of that text. Presumably what you mean is 
that there is no direct evidence of where or when it originated, which 
is the same as practically everything about the LXX.

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