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> msh jbdy mt vjth qvm jbr `t-hyrdn hzh `th vkl-hjm hzh `l-h`r& `sr `nky ntn
lhm lbny ysr`l.
>    qvm = through or over?
> Stephen

A good example of how the use of a standard transliteration scheme avoids
confusion.  "Yshua" is a 2nd temple truncated version of Yehoshua and
immediately threw me off thinking this was a NT quote of Jesus.  I have
never seen a "j" used for an ayin and the use of v's for waws also through
me off since there were no vavs in BH.  After finally figuring out what this
was (Josh 1:2), I consider qwm as "rise up, get ready and move your dusty

Jack Kilmon

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