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On 16/06/2004 14:47, Philip Engmann wrote:

>If there is one book that would have likely been subject to tampering,
>it would be Isaiah, and most especially Isaiah 53.  And yet the
>comparison of the Great Isaiah Scroll and the Masoretic Text shows an
>incredible textual agreement, with many of the non-dialect differences
>simply being obvious errors in the Qumran scroll, and very few
>of great significance.  (Main source -- Fred Miller web site).
>1. Where is this Fred Miller website?
Try http://www.ao.net/~fmoeller/.

>Ironically, in fact, as the article by Daniel Sapp points out.
>"The LXX, 1 QIsa, and Mt Versions of Isaiah 53 and the Christian
>Doctrine of Atonement" in "Jesus and the Suffering Servant - Isaiah 53
>and Christian Origins" ,..... the Christians would have a great
>difficulty doctrinally with the Greek text ! And not the Masoretic Text
>or the DSS.
>2. Can you reference the article by Daniel Sapp? 

Steven/Schmuel gives the following details at 

>The article that really hits your question on the nail-head is in..
>Jesus and the Suffering Servant, Isaiah 53 and Christian Origins,  1998
>Edited by William H. Bellinger Jr. and William R. Farmer..
>(A collection of essays presented at the Conference on Isaiah 53
>  and Christian Origins held at Baylor University in February 1996.)
>Chapter 11
>The LXX, 1 QIsa, and MT Versions of Isaiah 53
>by Daniel A. Sapp, graduate of the doctoral program at Southwestern Baptist 
>Theological Seminary

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