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Wed Jun 16 17:47:02 EDT 2004

If there is one book that would have likely been subject to tampering,
it would be Isaiah, and most especially Isaiah 53.  And yet the
comparison of the Great Isaiah Scroll and the Masoretic Text shows an
incredible textual agreement, with many of the non-dialect differences
simply being obvious errors in the Qumran scroll, and very few
of great significance.  (Main source -- Fred Miller web site).
1. Where is this Fred Miller website?
Ironically, in fact, as the article by Daniel Sapp points out.
"The LXX, 1 QIsa, and Mt Versions of Isaiah 53 and the Christian
Doctrine of Atonement" in "Jesus and the Suffering Servant - Isaiah 53
and Christian Origins" ,..... the Christians would have a great
difficulty doctrinally with the Greek text ! And not the Masoretic Text
or the DSS.
2. Can you reference the article by Daniel Sapp? 
Philip Engmann.
Steven Avery
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