[b-hebrew] Yshua said

George F. Somsel gfsomsel at juno.com
Wed Jun 16 18:31:18 EDT 2004

Stephen NoLastName,

I'm don't think you have used the standard b-hebrew tranliteration scheme
for this and since you didn't cite the location of the passage it would
be necessary to treat it as a puzzle in order to answer you.  I suggest
you review the b-hebrew transliteration scheme and resubmit this citing
where it is to be found.


On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 15:11:39 -0700 (PDT) Stephen
<stephen4yeshua at yahoo.com> writes:
> msh jbdy mt vjth qvm jbr `t-hyrdn hzh `th vkl-hjm hzh `l-h`r& `sr 
> `nky ntn lhm lbny ysr`l.
>    qvm = through or over? 
> Stephen
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